Creative Direction, Product Design, Sourcing

A collection that draws upon the Northwest Regional style of Modernism of the 1930s. The pieces emphasize the use of warm woods and nishes, clean geometry, and simplified details. All rooms and details of the home were considered to complete the look—cabinet hardware, lighting solutions, comfortable furnishings, and bespoke accessories. As the designer of many key pieces, this launch helped Rejuvenation transition from a company known for period reproductions into a lifestyle brand.

West Slope LED
A contemporary lighting collection inspired byNorthwest Regional style of Modernism. It is a beautiful marriage of brass, glass, and modern LED technology. The profile is slender and an unobtrusive to make the design ADA compliant for trade and hospitality.


Creative Direction, Product Design, Sourcing

This collection of product was part of a continuous rollout over several seasons to build on the current assortment. With each design, I strove to highlight Scandinavian mid-century style, drawing on inspiration from luxury brands from Denmark and Sweden. The pieces highlight my love for the era’s elegant forms and unexpected details.


Creative Direction, Product Design, Sourcing

This is a classic maritime design that has been updated into a more refinened industrial look. The fixture can be used in both damp and wet locations making it a perfect piece for interior and exterior applications. This design has been a best-seller for Rejuvenation since it’s launch.


Product Design, Typeface Design, Sourcing

Original typography for residential and commercial address number collections.

Tradition House Numbers Available at
Modern Ceramic House Numbers Available at

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