Signal Tile Collection 

2018 Gray Award Winner

Signal Tile is a collection of dimensional geometric tile designed to capture your imagination. It begs you to play with the tiles to design and assemble your own unique space. This collection is a collaboration with Clayhaus Modern Tile, based in Portland, Oregon. The range of six individual tiles can be applied in continuous repeats or combined to create bespoke patterns.

Wall covering as a vehicle of personal expression was the driving concept for the collection. The ultimate goal was to create dimensional shapes that would act as a toolbox for anyone to compose their own bespoke pattern. Signal reinforces and expands the modularity of tile with its six tile designs.  Most decorative tile can be limiting in terms of adapting a pattern to the scale of a space, however, the Signal collection can create both small and large format motifs.

Visit Clayhaus Modern Tile to learn more.

Camden Bath Accessories

Designed for Crate&Barrel, Camden mixes materials for the bath, matching up white ceramic with grey rubber for a sleek, contemporary look.

Available for sale at crate&barrel

Merge Vase

This piece is a cluster of connected bud vases that create an unusual way to display flowers. Just place the stems in the vase and the design elegantly arranges the blossoms for you.

PS Series

A collection of work cast from polystyrene. It is fascinating to see this texture displaced from its normal context and create a beautiful surface that looks more like an acquatic material and packaging.

Landscape Tableware

A series of dishes that challenges conventional shapes of tableware by reinterpreting the edges, surfaces, and forms of the plate. 

Collaborating with a chef and plating the dishes with food is an integral aspect of the design, in that it complements and completes the form. By merging the food and the plate, the chef transforms the food into one designed object. The vessels function individually, as multiples, or chargers for other pieces in the series.


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